Person in orange vest and hard hat directs the placement of a large metal part.

Which Industries Benefit the Most From Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is used across various industries to get precise, detailed components. These industries rely on accurate, consistent, and high-quality cuttings to build equipment, large structures, vehicles, and more. As you’ll see below, laser cutting is essential to the success of businesses, daily functioning, and lifesaving measures.

Medical Industry

Doctor holds an X-Ray photo up to light while examining it.

Laser cutting plays a huge role in the medical industry. Much of the equipment in this industry, such as FMRI and X-ray machinery, is built with laser-cut components. The quality of these pieces is paramount to the success of procedures and diagnosing patients.

Lifesaving medical equipment such as pacemakers and stents are made up of precise laser-cut pieces that ensure proper functioning and longevity. These devices need components that are consistent, durable, and reliable. The consistency, durability, and reliability of laser-cut components give patients with pacemakers and stents the freedom to enjoy their lives.

Laser cutting helps grow modern medicine and plays a part in the recovery of patients across the United States. As laser cutting grows with new technology advances, it paves the way for more life-saving procedures, equipment, and devices to be created.

Automotive Industry

teenager learning how to drive a car

The automotive industry uses laser cutting to manufacture car parts. Vehicles are mass-produced and sold daily in the United States, meaning automotive components need to be made in a timely and exact manner.

With thousands of pieces needing to match for proper assembly and functioning, laser-cutting machinery keeps production moving along with minimal issues or inconsistencies. Laser cutting needs to be highly consistent so components in final products don’t fail consumers.
The automotive industry shows how versatile laser cutting can be. For example, laser cutters create sheet metal used on the body of vehicles while also creating patterns and texture in vehicle textiles like upholstery.

Agricultural Industry

Similar to laser cutting’s role in the automotive industry, the agricultural industry uses laser-cut parts for heavy machinery and equipment. Laser cutting plays a part in advancing the agricultural industry by helping in the creation of high-tech, autonomous equipment. By choosing lasers to cut parts, manufacturers can get products created faster while preventing wasted materials.

farm silos and equipment

Consistency and reliability of parts are essential when creating autonomous farming machinery. The accuracy required in manufacturing heavy equipment can only be found in laser cutting. Additionally, with the ease with which laser cutting produces components, manufacturers can have heavy machinery on the market significantly faster.

Laser cutting in the agricultural industry not only speeds up production and conserves resources for manufacturers, it also saves time and money for farmers as well. For example, tractors can now automatically scan for and spray weeds, increasing productivity and easing the maintenance of fields. Continued advancement in the agricultural industry couldn’t exist without laser-cutting technology.

Construction Industry

Looking up to follow a tall building being built.

Laser cutting in the construction industry helps communities function with secure and strong structures. Laser-cut steel parts are frequently used to build large structures like bridges and buildings. These large structures must be built correctly with solid materials to avoid disaster and loss of life.

Large construction projects can require hundreds to thousands of identical parts, making laser cutting the ideal solution. A laser can expertly cut a part to be an exact match of the thousands of pieces cut before it. This is crucial in the success, durability, and continued safety of a built structure.

Using lasers also leads to easier handling and installation for workers. When parts are cut by lasers, their sides are smooth with no jagged edges. Having even and safe-to-handle parts enables workers to build structures quickly without risking injury from materials. With little room for mistakes, laser cutting provides high-quality construction components like base plates, connection plates, and modified pipes and tubes.

Laser cutting is an industry that is constantly growing and producing new, better ways to do things. It delivers quality products quickly with little waste if done correctly. Hiring a contractor with experience and expertise in the field of laser cutting will save you money and time. See how much money you can save when you hire Edge Metalworks by requesting a free estimate and speaking with one of our professionals.