Why Different Is Good

In a fast-paced manufacturing industry where there are plenty of supply chain disappointments, we specialize in ushering customers into a good kind of different. 

Top view of a laser cutter

A Different Mentality: Specialized Focus In Manufacturing

Instead of serving a broad spectrum of laser-cut services as a one stop shop, we have taken a different approach. Serving manufacturers and job shops to springboard their production quality, timeliness and profit is our sweet spot. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, we understand the rigors, bottlenecks and pressures you face.

Shaking hands

A Different Kind of Relationship: A Production Ally

It feels great to know you can count on a team of professionals to have your back, covering for you to keep your production line running at top efficiency. You’ll love the personalized relationship you build and how it feels like we’re an extension of your company.

Edge Metalworks delivery truck

A Different Kind of Commitment: On-time delivery of your order

In our fast-paced industry there is gold in the minutes. Time is money. The last thing you want to be waiting on is product to be delivered that was promised earlier but the supplier didn’t follow through. It’s a tough issue, but we are committed to be as timely as humanly possible.

Black American female worker checking products before the shipment and taking notes in a warehouse.

A Different Level of Attention: Customized and Personal

At Edge Metalworks, you aren’t just a number. We hate automated messages and dislike automating the people parts of a business. We’ll sit down with you face to face and connect with your product needs. Customized engineering, customized order processing and more.

Pallet of Laser cut metal parts

A Different Level of Professionalism: You’re in capable hands

From our outstanding engineers to our dedicated technicians, “doing it right” is our byword. We are obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness to give you optimum results. We even shut the plant down once a year to deep clean it until everything is literally sparkling.